Trailer for Our Home – The Astral City, also known as Nosso Lar.

Partial Film Information

nossolar.jpg Director: Wagner de Assis
Writer: Wagner de Assis
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Cast: Renato Prieto como André Luiz, Paulo Goulart, Othon Bastos

Release: September 3, 2010Our Home - The Astral City (Nosso Lar)

Trailer for Our Home – The Astral City, also known as Nosso Lar.

When the successful physician Andre, father of three, finally dies of cancer, instead of rising up to what he believed would be ‘heaven’, he wakes up in a devastated valley.

Living like a castaway, struggling to avoid the vampire spirits who attack at night, Andre does not understand why he has had such a fate and is labeled a suicide, such as the others among them.

One day, a shaft of light comes down from the sky above to rescue some spirits from the deeper areas of the Valley. Andre is rescued and taken to the spiritual city named Nosso Lar.

This is where Andre finds new friends and allies. Also, where he meets his enemy – himself, his previous acts. In order to prove he still values life, Andre struggles to gain merits by hard work.

One day he finally receives permission to visit his wife and kids. Ten years have passed, his wife has remarried, his children have grown up.

At this moment Andre will need to work on everything he has learned back in Our Home. In one sense, accepting death, stepping into another level of existence, learning forever that life never ceases. Learning to love and be loved.

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Trailer for the thriller”Our Home”[Brazil, 2010], with Renato Prieto, Othon Bastos, Rosanne Mulholland, Fernando Alves Pinto.

This is an adaptation of Chico Xavier’s book. After the death of his physical body, a doctor agrees to the spiritual world, where you have to learn new moral values and overcome homesickness.

Directed by Wagner de Assis © Fox

Release: September 2010

Do you know who was Chico Xavier?


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